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  • After my experience with adaptive driving rehab, i feel like superman!  Driving has made work, school, dating and moving out of my parents’ home easier.  My life has been revolutionized.

    Bryson S.
  • Thank you so much for working with Robert today. He said you did a super job. (We) really appreciate it. You are wonderful.

  • I passed!!! Only 2 points off for slightly jerky accelerator. We took the course with the round about. Thank you for all your help

  • I just wanted to let you know that I took my driver's test today and passed with a 94! The instructor told me that my parallel parking was "perfect" so thank you for teaching me how to do that well and for giving me other lessons that helped a lot.

  • Debbie, your awesome! Thank you for sharing your gift of empathetic assertiveness!! Mom was so happy and had non-stop praise for you. So relieved that her deficits don't affect her driving. This is what I've needed to know. Thank you for your expertise.

  • Thank you for being so kind and making such a difference in our lives.

    Gordon's wife
  • I passed the DMV driving test and I am waiting for my new license. Thank you for helping me get my license back without restrictions.

  • You took me down roads I didn't know exists. I couldn't have done it without you.

  • Nice to meet you and thank you for that surprisingly enjoyable experience, didn't think this solution was going to be this easy.

  • She got an extender for her turn signal and a spinner, I think both adaptions made all the difference in her ability to drive.


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