Adaptive Driving Rehab (ADR) performs all services by a licensed occupational therapist and certified driving rehab specialist. Any adult will benefit from these services when concerns about driving capacity are indicated. This includes new and seasoned drivers.

ADR of Las Vegas, and surrounding communities, provides:

  • Adaptive Driving Equipment Installation – Prior to installing adaptive equipment, direct experience and documentation is essential to fine tune the most appropriate and cost-effective systems for the driver.
  • Confidential Driving Evaluation – We provide a clinical assessment of all functions related to driving. This includes, but is not limited to, vision, physical abilities, visual perception, and cognition. This is typically followed by a behind the wheel assessment utilizing prescribed equipment in a training vehicle. We incorporate low-tech equipment with referral for high-tech equipment as deemed essential.
  • Adaptive Driving Equipment Evaluation – When the individual’s current vehicle requires an updated prescription for adaptions, we can help.
  • Senior Driving Evaluation – As everyone ages, it is not surprising that key areas of function require assistance to operate as they previously did. Even as one experiences age related physical and cognitive changes, it is possible that modification can be engaged to compensate for some losses. The trained eye of the ADR therapist can provide a wealth of knowledge to assist the senior including driving wellness consultation, client education and support to assist with safe and reasonable goals for driving. There may be times when driving retirement is indicated.
  • Tutoring – To assist the developmentally disabled, we have DMV written permit examination instruction programs available. This can include a question & answer study guide with all possible questions retrieved from the Nevada DMV book. Utah study guide is available upon request.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder & Special Needs Evaluation – ADR is especially skilled at assisting families to prepare the young adult to manage the rite-of-passage into independent functioning with driving

All Services are summarized in a confidential therapy report released to the client and those entities selected by the client. This may include family members or physicians. 

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