Who Can Benefit?

Those that can benefit from the services of Adaptive Driving Rehab can include any inexperienced of previous driver who wishes to drive independently while overcoming a wide range of disabilities. The evaluation by a certified driving rehab specialist utilizes an appropriate selection of assessment tools supported by research to determine drive fitness for each category of driver listed below

Referrals to other specialists may be indicated when the individual has specialized visual, emotional or cognitive needs. High tech equipment is also out-sourced to appropriate resources. Financial aide opportunities can also be explored.

  • A young adult seeking assistance to pass the Nevada DMV written test. ADR offers tutoring to prepare for the written test with special consideration of those with special educational challenges.
  • Any inexperienced young adult desiring to pass the behind the wheel test. ADR provides behind the wheel lessons by a trained therapist to completely prepare the student to pass the driving test at any of the DMV locations. This may or may not include adaptive modifications.
  • An individual with a valid driver’s license needing to utilize adaptive equipment with guidance towards the final acquisition of a DMV approved license stating the equipment requirements.
  • Any person with visual limitations that require training with bioptic lenses or prisms to negotiate the driving environment. Support from the client’s vision specialist is recommended.
  • Any individual completing rehabilitation with a diagnosis of spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease or neuropathy to name a few.
  • Any driver experiencing challenges with amputation, orthopedic diagnoses or emotional conditions.
  • Appropriate senior drivers who have concerns regarding their driving abilities from their doctor, health professional or family member. Individual risk factors outlined with recommendations. ***TAKE THE SENIOR DRIVING SELF ASSESSMENT TO SEE IF YOU MAY BENEFIT FROM AN EVALUATION.***

Answer These Questions

These questions help to determine if you may benefit from a Senior Driving Assessment.

  1. Have you had a change in your medical conditions?
  2. Is your physician unsure how to determine your drive readiness?
  3. Do you struggle to move your foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal?
  4. Do you avoid driving unless absolutely necessary?
  5. Are you concerned about your driving skills?
  6. Have you experienced a loss of sensation in your legs and/or feet?
  7. Do friends or family state concerns about your ability to drive?
  8. Have you experienced near misses or minor crashes with your vehicle?
  9. Have you found yourself lost or confused on how to return home?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, call us for more information.  

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